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For Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington and all points nearby along the Northern Colorado Front Range, there is no better computer repair service available. We know how it feels to power up and nothing happens. Been there! Your data is our number one priority, never a quick-fix reformat just to say it's running again. We will do everything we can to get things up and running and back to normal, and we can take care of it through onsite computer service at your office or home and convenient scheduling for you, no towers to lug around and no hassle with dropping it off and picking it up. Support afterward, also included. You know, for those little things that always come up later that you didn't think of at the time. We service and repair Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000 and Mac OS X operating systems. Best of all, our rates are 30% – 50% less than our competitors! Our emphasis is on the service in PC Repair Service.

Onsite Repair Time Estimates

Service and repair times vary widely depending on several factors. Attack recovery or virus repair mainly depends on how badly compromised the system is, and secondarily on how large the hard drive is, how fast your processor is, and how much RAM is present. Other services such as RAM upgrades are more cut and dried, generally about 1/2 hour, depending on how many chips are being installed.

We offer many other services and repair options as well, and will be glad to provide time estimates on a per-job basis. Among these are:

New ~ Prepaid Service & Gift of Service Options

Up to 25% Off With Our Prepaid Service

Take advantage of our pre-paid service plan and save up to 25%. The more hours you buy, the less per hour you pay. Just our way of saying thanks for your support!

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Up to 25% Off With Our Gift Service

Altitude Data also offers a pre-paid gift service plan also at a savings of up to 25%. The perfect gift for students, parents, friends, etc.

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